What We Do

Investing on Autopilot

We develop automated trading algorithms utilizing a mix of modern technical analysis and old school betting strategy.

Safe to Use

You are in charge of your money

Your money stays in your account. You don't need to transfer money to a sketchy website, and you don't need to worry about liquidity issues. We also have a no crypto policy.

Build a Diverse Portfolio

Complete with Customization

We curate a list of stocks daily, and you can choose to blacklist certain stocks or even specify stocks you want to invest in. You can also prevent our algorithm from taking action on specified stocks.

Automated Trading

Just link your account and we'll do the rest

No Digital Currency

We believe in companies that actually build value. As a result, our algorithm has been explicitly programmed to not invest in any digital currency.

Market Analysis

Our algorithm uses both historical and real time data to make decisions. We also use a mix of technical and fundamental analysis.

Historical Data

Our historical data banks go back 20+ years. We use this so that we have a large enough window to include data from past recessions.